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The sweet perfume of the Thai household shrines and the fabulous Indian spices are the first things that pop into the mind of many when thinking about Asia. However, there is much more behind this absolutely fantastic place. It will often seem like this continent is the place where the gods of present and past meet. In here the spirit of pure Hinduism and Buddhism meet with some architectural miracles and futuristic skyscrapers. From the Great Wall of China to the temples you can visit in Angkor, Asia will always have something to amaze you with. In other words, landscape diversity is absolutely mind-blowing and makes the continent the perfect place to take some extraordinary pictures. Not to mention about the food, which is colorful, flavored and will always delight your senses. It can also sometimes feel like Asia is one step ahead in terms of technology, making your visit to this deliciously rewarding continent even more pleasurable.

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