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India seems like a place designed for explorers, for people who want to spend their holidays by challenging the incredible. The enchanting destinations and the notable cultural heritage of the area that includes contemporary wonders will make you want to come back again. If you feel unsatisfied with your monotonous life all you need to do is arrange a trip to this country. River rafting, bungee jumping, river crossing, rock climbing and trekking are just some of the activities you can engage in as a visitor. Furthermore, India has one of the richest histories, with places that over the years have witnessed the rise and falls of the most powerful empires our planet has ever seen. Ellora and Ajanta are two fantastic areas to visit in this matter. For newcomers Taj Mahal is also not to be missed. All in all, India will challenge your senses with brand new experiences and is everything you need for a holiday like you never had before.