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Romania is the newest member of the European Union community, being home for many legends and mysteries that remain unsolved. The most popular story is undoubtedly the one of Count Dracula, whose castle lies in the heart of the country, being one of the most popular attractions for visitors. However, you are advised not to limit your trip to vampire hunting because you have no idea how much you are losing. Brasov, for example, is a simply irresistible city, surrounded by spectacular mountains and impressing over a million visitors from all over the world every single year. Next, the capital, Bucharest, offers a unique combination of cathedrals worth exploring and plenty of monuments dating from the communist era. Even though Romania adopted democracy quite late, the traces of communism seem to have vanished completely. Last but not least, hiking in the Carpathian Mountains is by far the best such experience in Europe and if you are looking for some adrenaline this is the best thing to do when you get here.

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