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Sweden Webcams

Herring, quality mountainous resorts, meatballs, midnight sun and ABBA are the elements that define the cliched image most people associated Sweden with. Regardless of the reason for visiting, you will shortly forget about what your beliefs about the country were as you will discover new territories and aspects you never thought of before. If you are passionate about history and Vikings in particular you should know it won't take you too long to discover evidences of their existence. Most travelers expressed their satisfaction with the green, picturesque landscapes, predominant in Sweden, as well as the red cottages built on the top of the remote islands. Whenever you travel here you should not miss the Island of Gotland, mainly because of its rich history. Most visitors would also recommend eating out in one of the fancy restaurants at least once and savoring the traditional Swedish meatballs. Overall, this is a destination worth visiting at any time of the year.