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Kuwait often gives the impression of a city state rather than a massive country, being located in the most contested and disputed corner of the world. Kuwait City, the capital, attracts plenty of visitors, mainly from the surrounding areas but also from other countries, who are looking for a pleasant sea breeze and a calmer atmosphere. Culturally, there are plenty of museums that are worth visiting, whereas the shopping complexes are surprisingly good. Despite the architectural beauty and everything else the country has to offer, it is almost impossible to overlook the violent events that took place when Iraqi troops invaded the territory. More than 10 years have passed since then, but a feeling of fear is still prevalent in some regions. Finally, attractions outside the capital are limited to the resorts located along the coastal line, as well as the island known as Failaka. All in all, even though Kuwait is definitely not the safest place on Earth, it may be worth discovering some of the things it has to offer as part of a short trip.