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Lebanon is by far the most captivating territory of the Middle East, filled with old Roman temples of an extreme beauty and Phoenician structures that could captivate every visitor. However, the recent historical events of the country make most people think twice before making any travel arrangements. The taste of modernity or the picturesque fishing villages are definitely not worth risking your life, even though there are some safe areas that you may wish to discover if you feel like it. The prevalent Mamluk architecture is mainly found in Tripoli, which also offers some of the best culinary products in the Middle East. Despite what many people may think, locals are very warm and friendly and most visitors described Lebanon as the 'Paris of the Orient'. There are still numerous redevelopment projects in progress and if things continue at this pace it is extremely possible for this country to become a major tourist attraction again in the near future, provided that the conflicts will also come to an end.