Modify Listing

To modify your listing at you will need to take note of your Link ID number and then add it to the end of the URL below.

To find your Link ID number you will need to hover over your listing and you will see a link like The ID number at the end is the number we are referring to.

So if your Link ID number is 8000 then the link would look like Enter this in your browser and you will be taken to a page that will be populated with the information regarding your listing.

Please enter the URL of the link you wish to modify. Make sure it is identical to the one already in the database:

Enter the new information (all of it, not just the changes) below:

A short, brief title of your Webcam page.

URL of your WebCam page.

City, State or Country of where your WebCam is located.

Brief description of your WebCam site. In english please.

Your full name.

A valid e-mail address.

To help stop spam submissions please enter the 3 letter combination above.